Our Purpose

The church in America is dying. How fast it is dying depends on which set of statistics you believe, but it seems obvious that up to 50% of the churches existing in 2012 will be gone by 2020.

The purpose of The American Church Magazine is simple. We will provide information on how to save some of the struggling churches in America that appear to be on their way to closing their doors. Those that are optimistic believe that 1 in 20 or 1 in 30 existing churches might be able to turn the tide and renew their mission and turn their decline around. The American Church Magazine will strive to promote these efforts and help to provide the information needed to save our present declining churches.

Additionally, the purpose of The American Church Magazine will be to encourage the establishment of new startup churches across our nation. We join in the vision of the Global Church Movements, The Timothy Initiative, Dynamic Church Planting International, Global Alliance on Church Multiplication, Love God, Love People (LGLP) Ministries, and others to start 1 million new churches in America by the year 2020.

The American Church Magazine will provide the information, coordination and cooperation needed for ministries and individuals that:

want to renew our present churches in America
want to start new churches in America

We will keep our readers informed by reporting on what is happening as the church in America is transformed and new churches are started. And, we will provide information and educational tools needed to help renew churches and support those who seek to start new churches across our nation.

Subscriptions to The American Church Magazine are free. It will be digitally distributed on a monthly basis via email in PDF format as well as other means (in our online community). Financial support for The American Church Magazine will be obtained from our sponsors (advertisers) as they promote their services and products to a growing market, and we will strongly support and pray for our sponsors as they provide us the means to publish this vital resource.